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Vocational Training
in Rural Development and Ecology

Module 5. Conversion of conventional farming into organic farming (Yaroslavl State Agrarian Academy).

Module 7. Ecological problems related to intensive agriculture (plant and animal production; Omsk State Agrarian University).

Module 10. Sustainable use of water resources in rural areas (Samara State Agricultural Academy).

Calendar of events

April, 2010
Start of modules 1-6:LWG meetings (March-May/June 2010)

April 12th, 2010
Kick-Off-Meeting in Moscow (12th-13th of April, 2010)

June, 2010
1st NWP Meeting Omsk (June 2010)

September, 2010
Study trip to EU partner (Sept./Oct. 2010)

October, 2010
2 days didactic seminar at the end of study trip (Oct. 2010)

January, 2011
Same implementation of modules 7-12: first LWG meetings (Jan. 2011-May 2011)

May, 2011
Interim Conference in Stavropol (May 2011)

June, 2011
3rd NWP Meeting in Moscow (June 2011) Rescheduled!

September 26th, 2011
2nd NWP Meeting Tambov (September 26, 2011)

October, 2011
Study trip to EU partner (Sept./Oct. 2011)

October, 2011
2 days didactic seminar at the end of study trip (Oct. 2011)

March, 2012
4th NWP Meeting Samara (March 2012)

April, 2012
2nd pioneer vocational training at 6 RU universities (April-July 2012)

July, 2012
3rd National Working Platform Meeting in Ulan-Ude

September, 2012
Publication of teaching material (autumn 2012)

Nowember, 2012
Final Conference in Moscow (November 2012)

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